Citizen Kane Editor Pre-production Journal


For Citizen Kane, Orson Welles and Robert Wise use a variety of editing techniques throughout the film. For scenes were there is a lot of dialogue or content information Welles uses mise-en-scene, a single long take, to capture this content. In instances to show the passing of time he uses montage to show progression of character relationships. In our scene, there are important plot points conveyed and Welles uses mise-en-scene that allows characters to converse. When transitioning, Welles uses dissolves that connect scenes. Finally, for transitioning in our scene, Welles uses dialogue over the fate of the company with visual match cut and transitions to the next scene to show the conversation of selling the company, showing that the initial speculations of the first scene of dialogue came to fruition.

Test Shots


Here I am experimenting with 18-55mm focal length


Here I am experimenting with 50mm focal length


Here I am experimenting with Low Angle shot


Here I am experimenting with High Angle shot


Here I am experimenting with lighting


Planning With Cinematographer


Here I am planning shot types with our cinematographer, Jacob.


Influences From Films

  • Robert Wise was the primary editor
    • He edited the movie Dance, Girl, Dance
    • He edited the movie Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Orson Welles was the biggest contributor to editing
    • He had no prior film involvement

Storyboard Notation


Editing Program

To become more comfortable with the iMovie process, I watched these videos by Eric Timmer.

These videos were incredibly helpful for their simplicity and thorough explanations of each process in the Editor role.

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

  • My entire knowledge of editing has come from the project. The way transitions function, the way cutting brings a film together were all things I learned from this assignment. I struggled with cut timing and sound editing before but with the help of the video I feel confident in my ability to edit now.

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